Designing a better workspace

With the current situation with Covid-19 and lockdown; flexible working and working from home has been heightened. It is of vital importance that we review the workplace, work spaces, flexibility and workforce for the future.

The workforce is constantly evolving to adapt to new work methods, and so should our office design and flexibility. How we deliver such a flexible and modern work space varies from professional to professional opinion.

A workplace is an investment and should be usable for the long term. This should be taken in to account when designing your new workplace whether it be for a new property or for a refurbishment.

The world is becoming saturated with new, innovative and ground-breaking developments in office design and new technologies to supposedly increase work place productivity and create more modern and better work spaces. However, it is of importance that as a business you consider the requirements for your branding as well as new innovations.

From open-plan offices, sleep pods, and communal free spaces to relaxing areas, game areas and plenty of different levels of soft seating. Surprisingly not all of these items are not popular with all workers. That’s not to say some of them shouldn’t be implemented.

Businesses considering an office fit out should consult their employees first gaining some background as to what your employees like and don’t like, what they think will work and what wont and what they think the current area is lacking as this will give you a good idea to priorities for the new designs. At the end of the day the satisfaction of your employees makes for a more productive workplace.

You should consult with a building surveyor and interior designer to produce designs based on your priorities.

Our industry needs to start taking a more structured approach. There is still a poor approach to office design, with traditional values still remaining to take precedence in a lot of situations. The world is changing and we need to promote change too. Taking the time to rework an existing office space, or fitting out a new space, is an investment worth making in your business’s future.

Talk to our team today to get the ball rolling on designing your new, modern, flexible and productive workspace. We can undertake design work and the contract administration role along with other aspects.

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