Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is another invasive plant that we look out for whilst undertaking surveys. However, whilst Japanses Knotweed is known for its fast growth and damage to buildings, Giant Hogweed’s effect on the structural integrity of buildings is negligible.

The issues with Giant Hogweed is the danger that it presents to humans, and particularly children. Should it be identified during a pre-purchase, we would always encourage you to seek further specialist advice.

Heracleum mantegazzianum, commonly known as giant hogweed can grow up to 20ft tall.

The sap of Giant Hogweed contains toxic chemicals. When these come into contact with the skin, they cause reddening of the skin, often followed by severe burns and blistering. The burns can last for several months and even once they have died down the skin can remain sensitive to light for many years.

To combat the growth of Giant Hogweed we would recommend first seaking specialist advice. However, the most common way of removal is via chemical control; this however can only be carried out during the growing season (March to August) in order to be effective.

Please never try to combat Giant Hogweed alone as for instance using a strimmer or chipper can cause sap to become airborne, resulting in injury.

If you think you have Giant Hogweed speak to us today.

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