Property’s role in slowing climate change

Building, infrastructure and construction may not be the main players when looking at the biggest polluting industries. But with 35% construction accounting for approximately 35% of resources globally and up to 40% of energy use and carbon emissions. The property industry needs to change too in order to slow climate change down.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gave published an article and some shocking figures in 2018. This information stated that we have until 2030 to avert a global warming catastrophe. This might seem extreme but it is reality.

The article shocked bu stating that if we fail to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius annual we will be subject to more extreme weather and weather related disasters.

The changes require us to meet net zero carbon pollution by 2030. That is is now just 11 short years away.

So what can the property sector do? Well for a start, settling for an E rated EPC will not be an option. We all need to aim higher and make a difference.

It remains in the interest of anyone who is involved in property to avoid the increasing demand cost of required improvements particularly if you are a landlord. Not only will looking at the sustainability of your buildings make a direct impact on the environment but it might just stop you from losing money in other ways in the very near future.

For instance; tenants are not looking for higher rated ‘excellent’ ‘intelligent’ buildings. Not only, because it improves the companies look and feel but to reduce their own carbon emissions. So what happens if your property is lowly rated? In short, it could lead to a devaluation of assets and cost you directly if you are a landlord.

So stop thinking and start doing. Talk to us today about ways to improve your EPC whether it is residential or commercial. We can help.

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