What is the definition of the Contractor Administrator?

Contract administrator is appointed / instructed by an employer (Client) to administer the contract between the employer and the contractor.

Who is a Contract Administrator?

The Contract Administrator is to manage the contract between the employer and building contractor throughout the course of the project.

What responsibilities does the Contract Administrator have?

CA acts as an agent for the employer to make impartial decisions during the course of the project. the CA is not to act bias in anyway but to be independent.

The main roles of the CA are:

  1. Provide an agency role
  2. Provide a decision making role

Roles of the Contract Administrator

  • To administer the project ensuring that the correct contractual procedures and practises are followed.
  • To administer and assist with compiling the building contract.
  • To keep accurate and accessible records; site notes, office files, photos etc
  • To undertake a sufficient number of site inspections (the number of inspections will vary dependant on the type and size of project). The inspection should include:
  • Date / time
  • Weather conditions
  • Number of operatives on site
  • Progress of the works against the agreed programme and drawings
  • Reviewing quality of workmanship against what is specified
  • Review materials used on site against what is specified
  • Review general health and safety on site
  • Take photographic records on site.
  • Attend site meetings
  • Provide updates / reports to the client on the progress on site
  • To issue client instructions
  • To undertake interim valuations of the works
  • To issue contractual instructions and certificates throughout the project

NOTE: The Contract Administrator has a pivotal role within the course of the project and assists in ensuring that the Clients brief is achieved successfully.

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