Top tips to sell your home quickly

1. Make a plan

Step back, take a deep breath and start looking with fresh eyes.

With a flair for photography we would recommend taking your camera (or phone) and taking a few photographs from different angles in each room. Then sit down and make a list of any potential 'snagging' items in each room that you think someone new might notice or want to change.

2. Repair and retouch

Undertake straightforward DIY jobs such as filling holes in walls, touching up paintwork and checking for clogs in the guttering are all easy jobs to undertake and is one less thing your buyer needs to think about doing once they’ve moved in.

Getting any problems fixed before putting the house on the market is a good idea as it not only gets more interest from the outset but it also stops potential buyers accidentally making massively inflated valuations based on what they believe certain repair will cost. Getting the jobs done before you put the property on the market will give buyers less wriggle room when it comes to making an offer.

3. Depersonalise

Balance is key! You want your property to look lived in yet you want your potential buyer to be able to see themselves living there with their own possessions. So depersonlise; put those family portraits and keepsakes carefully away and avoid loud colour schemes.

4. De-clutter

The importance of de-cluttering a room should not be underestimated! An untidy, cluttered or dirty room can be an immediate turn and run point for some buyers.

Consider a spring clean, pack away all that clutter and remove from the house. too much clutter and furniture can make the property feel smaller.

5. Think about your furry friends (PETS)

Although our animals form part of our family and we love them, your potential buyer may not. Consider that your potential buyers may be scared or allergic to your pets, so make sure any pets are confined to one room (such as a utility room or the garden) or removed from the home during viewings and the photographs for marketing purposes.

Also ensure that the property is deep cleaned to ensure there are no animal smells remaining!

And for those buyers that love animals, well your pets may also detract attention away from the important things.... the sale.

6. First impressions count

Most buyers form their first impressions within seconds of arriving at your property never mind walking through the front door. If you have a front garden, spruce it up, a few flowers and plant pots and no weeds can go along way.

Consider jet washing any pavings and re-sanding, it's a small cost for a big impression.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to clean your windows and your front door, it makes a difference.

7. Brighten it up

If your property is too dark it can give off the wrong impression from the start. Use both natural light and artificial lighting to show the true size of the space. This doesn't necessarily mean spending £££'s on new light fittings; simply pull back curtains and open blinds to make the most of the natural light. Consider re-positioning lamps to create ambiance.

8. Eliminate odours

We know that this has been mentioned a couple of times now but it is important!

An unpleasant smell will immediately put off potential buyers. So take simple steps to address them beforehand.

  • No eating fish on the day or the day before viewings,
  • Ensure your bins have been emptied and cleaned and are not kept near the house
  • Remove any evidence of pets, such as a smelly bed,
  • Use a carpet or upholstery cleaning service to refresh the carpets and furniture.If you have damp or mould growth within the property, call in the experts!



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